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"Mind Ninja" E-Course

Learn to Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions (for Children)

"Mind Ninja" E-Course

Learn to Manage Your Thoughts and Emotions (for Children)
"You either control your mind or it controls you"  - Napoleon Hill

The Mind Ninja E-Course will transform the way your child manages their thoughts and emotions helping them to be happier, calmer and more in control.

Created by Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psychology), GradDipED
Life Lessons Australia

Joelene Lavrick's program has been featured on GWN7 News and reached the semi-Finals of the Curtin University, Teaching Excellence Awards as part of the Regional Achievement & communities Awards.

For Ages Approximately 6-12

  • Self-Worth 
  • Mind Management
  • Emotional Fitness
  •  Social Skills
  •  Reduced Anxiety
  •  Resilience
  •  Happy Parents!
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As Featured on GWN7 News

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This Course Will Supercharge Your Child's Life, Restoring Self-Esteem and Confidence! 
We teach children that they are unbelievably special. Why is it unbelievable?…because there is only one of them in the entire universe.
Mind Management
Children learn to manage the unhelpful thoughts that they have and redirect them in a more positive direction. When it comes to negative thought patterns, prevention is better than cure.
Emotional Fitness
Being Emotionally Fit can be likened to being Physically Fit. If you are physically fit and a germ tries to enter your body, you can easily fight it off. Similarly, when you are emotionally fit and a difficult situation arises, you are able to be solution focused and make a positive decision.
Social Skills
Interacting with others in an effective and beneficial way is of upmost importance and it is one of our key goals at Life Lessons Australia.
Reduce Stress
Children learn to keep their cool more often. Calm is always better.
What you think about,  you bring about. Children learn to focus on the positive aspects of their life.

Module 1 - I Love Me

On completion of Module 1, children will have an unwavering sense of their SELF-WORTH. This is the DRIVING FORCE behind the Mind Ninja Program. They will realise that they are unique. They will know that they are equally 'as good as' anyone else. They will have a new technique for reminding themselves always, even when they are not surrounded by their loved ones.

Module 2 - The Thought Catch

Module 2 is the POWER PACK of redirecting unhelpful thoughts so that the mindset can grow, change and improve.  Children learn to interrupt negative thoughts in their tracks and discover that you should  N O T   B E L I E V E   E V E R Y T H I N G   Y O U   T H I N K !

Module 3 - The Power of Now

Mindfulness plus! What's wrong right now? Nothing. Children learn a rock solid technique to stay focused without being distracted by dwelling on past difficulties or future catastrophes.

Module 4 - Leave, Accept or Change 

An ACTION PLAN for when things go wrong. Life doesn't always go the way we expect it to, and for children, this can be a source of upset. Let's rectify that in Module 4 with a formula for making a positive decision no matter what the circumstance may be.

Module 5 - The Magic Words

Let's look at language. The words children choose lead to their emotional responses. Module 5 will alleviate the stress caused by having a set language pattern which is unhelpful. If children use phrases such as 'this is so unfair, I can't stand it', 'I will never forgive that person' or 'Everyone hates me' ...this module is the key to change.

Module 6 - HYGO Japanese Relaxation Technique

This is a GAME CHANGER. Instead of hitting someone or making a HUGE mistake when ANGRY or UPSET, this technique will provide children with something positive and calming to do whilst they work on shifting their hurt feelings. Once learnt, it can be instantly implemented in any situation.

Module 7 - Fake it 'Til You Make It

Similar to biofeedback, physiology and the way we stand and move significantly affects our emotional state. The opposite of ANXIETY is CONFIDENCE. This module will have children stepping out with a new, powerful spring in that step.

Module 8 - Class Actions

A culmination of positive action. EMOTION and MOTION are clearly linked and Module 8 will have children firing on all cylinders ready for the day ahead. 

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Mission Statement
Life Lessons Australia has a single mission at the very heart of everything we do: to develop and enhance the emotional wellbeing of children. While working and training across the childhood (primary) education and psychology fields for over 20 years, one lesson has always remained constant: when children feel good about themselves and respond to others with kindness, they can achieve great things. It is with passion that we empower children, promote their self-esteem and teach them strategies to improve their emotional health and mind management.

Through research in psychology, it has been identified that people who often doubt their self-worth are more prone to self-sabotaging beliefs, which has an adverse impact on their success and happiness. Our mission is simple: to address these habits and thoughts early, enabling children to build confidence in their abilities and develop an optimistic mindset, and positively impact their overall wellness and ability to achieve their best. We exist to empower children with the tools to identify negative thoughts and feelings early, and apply positive psychology techniques and effective strategies to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy and productive way.

Gemma Foxall, MEd

Joelene is one of those teachers who finds a way to connect with each child. Students are drawn to her because she individualises every interaction in a purposeful and positive way. She values every child for who they are, and students seem to sense that. On a professional level, Joelene has a rare and unique set of skills that enables her to achieve optimum outcomes. Combining these skills with her passion for teaching positive thinking strategies and resiliency skills to produce Life Lessons Australia will be an experience I would strongly recommend to any of my students and friends' children.
On a personal level, Joelene has worked with my son on a weekly basis. Despite his social and communication difficulties, Joelene has managed to help him overcome his anxiety and he now waits at the window for her to arrive. The contribution she has made to his emotional welfare and showing him a happier way to perceive the world is simply priceless and will help him for the rest of his life.

Anne Scasserra Celisano

We Love Love Love our sessions! My girls can actually describe how they feel. After a melt down they sit me down and say mum i'm sorry i behaved that way, I'm tired and chose a bad path etc... Also I was having a winge the other day about something and my 7yo said mum you need to learn LACH. Leave, Accept or Change the situation.

Kylie Harman

My miss 10 has had a terrible few years of extreme bullying and this year the anxiety reared it’s ugly face. Crying every night, scared to go to school, being the target for physical and emotional bullying, nightly meltdowns, starting to be withdrawn, and the list goes on.
Unable to play sport due to an injury, unable to forget, unable to focus, unable to tell teachers, unable to think of strategies to use in the heat of the moment; she was struggling. And the whole family was too.
After her lesson with Miss Lavrick during the holidays, she had a new bounce to her step. We’ve had a great start to the term. No major meltdowns, I cannot remember the last time she cried, going to school is easy (she’s even riding to school with a friend and not needing mum to take her), she went to a school sleepover where the dreaded bullies were attending and she wasn’t scared, in fact one apologised and my miss has accepted and moved on. She’s more open. Shes motivated. She’s confident. She’s happy.
My girl smiles. Daily.
What a difference!
Thank you Miss Lavrick!

Danielle Wansborough

My son loves going to Miss Lavrick (which is saying something, most activities I have to drag him to!). She is infectiously positive and supportive and solutions-focused and her ‘lessons’ are fun!! Great value and skills all kids (and adults!) could do with learning.

Liz Martin

Miss Lavrick helped Kai develop strategies to acknowledge and manage his emotions. The lessons helped Kai to reframe his thoughts when feeling anxious and challenge some of his rigidity in his thinking around emotions due to his Autism diagnosis. Joelene developed a strong and responsive connection with Kai, gaining his trust and building his confidence. We can’t wait to continue working with Life Lessons Australia.

Janine Kenny

To dearest Joelene,

Thank you so much for giving your time so freely and energetically to our senior classes. Jodie and I appreciate the planning and effort that you put into our sessions, especially the YouTube session which was above and beyond.

I can see that some of my kids have benefited already, are using some of your strategies and are keen to tell me when they do. Even an old dog like me learnt some new tricks!

I wish you every success with your sessions to help young people deal with anxiety and the feelings of inadequacy which is becoming more prevalent in youth.

Dr R.J Foxall

Two an a half years ago my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  He suffered from extreme anxiety, and was only interested in self-stimulatory behaviours with repetitive actions such as opening and shutting doors for extended periods of time.  The number of people in our lives who can socially engage and teach Peter can be counted on one hand.  Joelene is one of these rare people – her strategies have progressed Peter’s social skills and reduced his anxiety more successfully than a number of professional autism therapists.  Her expertise in young children and psychology seems especially strong when working with groups of children and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her services for all children.


I have a passion for emotional wellbeing and social skills. I have always wanted children to be kind to each other and to have confidence in themselves. I understand that children make mistakes and, at times, they need to learn how to be kind to others. I am patient with kids and I believe we must show unconditional respect and forgiveness.

Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psychology), GradDipEd (Primary) 
Founder, Life Lessons Australia.